Increasing demand of Popunder ads, over popup ads

In the recent times, the demand for popunder ads has increased and has surpassed the demand for popup ads. In other words, more advertisers are now buying popunder ads as compares to popup ads. This is because the former enjoys a better click through rate and is more effective. In popunder ads, the advertisement window appears beneath the publisher’s window. It doesn’t interrupt the user in his work and is noticed by him when he closes the publisher’s window. He may then find the ad window useful and click on it to know about the advertised website. On the contrary, popup windows appear over the publisher’s webpage and might interrupt the user. It is considered to be annoying and many times the users close the window without seeing the ad. Because of this the pop up ads don’t enjoy good click through rates and are not very effective. If you wish to get a good traffic then you can also invest in popunder traffic and buy them through online media companies. Advertisers can also get contextual popunder ads that would help you to get quality traffic at your website. They are directed at the people who are interested in the products and services offered by your site. You can convert them into potential consumers and earn more profits.